02.11.13 - Ali Babas King Stamp Tee Shirt Design

This design for Peter Wells (owner of Ali Babas Wanaka) was inspired by the vintage postage stamps of the early 20th century. Peter was keen to turn this into a graphic that could be screened on to tee shirts for his employees and loyal clients. The final product was a combination of various elements from the stamps mixed with icons from the Ali Babas logo. It took a bit of research and plenty of layers in Illustrator but we were both pretty stoked with the final design. Can’t wait to see it printed!

Ali Babas Wanaka tee shirt graphic design
Finished Stamp Design
Tee shirt Graphic design front Wanaka
Front of Tee (razor and comb graphic)
Tee Shirt Graphic design for Wanaka's Ali Babas
Back Of Tee
vintage king stamp
Sample of vintage stamp which was the inspiration

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