26.07.13 - Pure Pixel Photography ‘pick n mix’ blog

Here are a few of my favourite photos over the past month. These include an aerial photo of an ice skater, a back country snowboarding excursion, a night shot of Lake Wanaka and a uniquely Wellington coffee shop. All photographs taken on my new Canon 6D with L series glass. Enjoy

Unique Wellington coffee shop photograph
Unique retro caravan coffee shop in Island Bay Wellington
Aerial Ice Skater photograph, Wanaka, New Zealand
Aerial view Ice Skater after hail storm
Lake Wanaka tree at night photograph
Lake Wanaka after recent snowfall
Backcountry snowboarding photograph, Wanaka, New Zealand
Backcountry snowboarding mission somewhere in the Southern Alps
Mitch Brown snowboarding photograph, Wanaka, New Zealand
Mitch Brown all style

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