03.08.14 - Sports Poster Graphic Design

Just finished a new poster and web update for the Auckland Half Ironman in March 2015. This was a relatively free flowing brief which gave me a chance to get the creative juices flowing. The final design incorporates a stylized Auckland skyline, native bush as white space and layered images of past winners. I distressed the images using a grunge bitmap and also used this in the background. The remaining white space was used for logo placement and wording. Designed using Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.
sports poster graphic design


22.06.14 - Sports Poster Graphic Design

2014 Poster and Logo design for the Onehunga Half Marathon. The clients required a freshen up their existing branding with a modern clean look. They also wanted to incorporate the colours and fonts used on the Onhunga business website www.onehunga.net.nz. The final design was created in Adobe Illustrator CC with the background imported from Photoshop CC. If you are in Auckland at the end of September then I recommend you get give it a nudge! For all your branding needs contact Pure Pixel.

Wanaka poster graphic design


16.02.14 - Coast to Coast 2014 Photos

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to photograph what is undoubtedly New Zealand’s ultimate Multisport event, the Coast to Coast. Wanaka athletes Braden Currie and Jess Simson both cleaned up in the One Day competition over previous winners Elina and Richard Ussher. This was Jess’ first time competing in the one day event and Braden’s second consecutive victory.
A big thanks to the event organisers, Michael Jacques, NZ tri and Multisport and the rest of the Media crew for making it such an enjoyable experience.
If you would like to purchase any images please contact Jeremy on 02102793681 or here

coast to coast 2014 start line competitors
Competitors warm up on Kumara Beach
coast to coast start line kumara beach
coast to coast 2014 kumara beach start slow shutter photograph
Coast to Coast 2014 underway
Braden Currie and Richard Ussher compete in coast to coast 2014
coast to coast theatre royal hotel
john acker cheers on competitors on in coast to coast 2014
John Acker cheers on competitors at 6am every year
coast to coast deception bridge
Nick Hirschfeld coast to coast mountain runner
Nick Hirschfeld winner of the Coast to Cast Mountain Run section
Robert Loveridge coast to coast runner
Robert Loveridge
competitor in coast to coast 2014 crosses boulders deception river
elina ussher running in coast to coast 2014
Richard ussher followed by flavio vianna in coast to coast
Richard Ussher followed by Flavio Vianna
robin judkins cheers competitor in coast to coast 2014
Robin Judkins cheers on a competitor
robin judkins
brendon vercoe coast to coast coast to coast
Brendon Vercoe two day individual winner
Robert Loveridge coast to coast 2014 two person team
Robert Loveridge Coast to Coast 2014 two person team winner
braden currie running coast to coast Klondyke corner photograph
Braden Currie finishing the running leg
richard ussher kayaking coast to coast 2014
Richard Ussher kayaking Coast to Coast 2014
braden currie
Braden Currie wins coast to coast 2014
Braden Currie wins Coast to Coast 2014
Jessica Simson  coast to coast 2014 photograph
An emotionally and physically exhausted Jessica SimsonFacebookinstagramFacebookinstagram

04.02.14 - Nutri Grain MTB Boot Camp Queenstown

I recently returned from an epic 3 day mountain bike shoot in Queenstown where I joined four lucky winners (Mark, Matt, David and Cameron) of the Nutri Grain Boot Camp competition. The boys were flown to Queenstown, given Avanti bikes to ride (and keep!), put up in some pimp accommodation, shuttled to the best downhill MTB locations (by JT of Adventure Central) and given expert tips from Nathan Greenwood and ex world champion Scarlet Hagan!
A big thanks to everyone involved for making it such a sweet trip…
Mountain Bike Boot Camp photograph Queenstown
Day one picture perfect Queenstown
mountain biking photograph seven mile queenstown
Seven Mile Queenstown
seven mile downhill mountain biking queenstown
Nutri Grain boot camp mountain bikers  queenstown
Getting muddy on day 2
Nathan Greenwood mountain biker photo
Scarlett Hagan mountain  biking through  forest near queenstown
Scarlett Hagan cruising through Gold Diggers Trail
Mountain biking photography near queenstown
Nutri Grain boot camp winners
Mountain biking queenstown photograph by pure pixel
Mountain biking forest queenstown photograph by pure pixel
Mountain biking Hammys trackQueenstown Gondola
Queenstown photography
Mountain biker photograph queenstown gondola
Mountain biker photograph queenstown gondola
Vertigo Queenstown Gondola trail
Gorge Road jump Park photograph  by jeremy town
Gorge Road jump park – A pretty epic set up
Nathan Greenwood Gorge Road Jump park queenstown
Nathan Greenwood in his element

19.12.13 - Limited edition Lake Wanaka collage print

I literally have hundreds if not thousands of photos of my beautiful hometown Lake Wanaka. Unfortunately 99% of them have resided deep within my computer hard drive, yearning to be printed in some form or another.
Inspired by a surf magazine cover I created a collage and printed it on the finest quality German canvas. It is now available from the coolest art store in the Southern Hemisphere, The Wonder Room (limited edition of 10). To get your hands on one of these bad boys head to www.wonderroom.co.nz
Thanks! : )
Lake Wanaka collage canvas print by jeremy town


24.01.13 - Heli Biking Mt Burke

Last week I received a call at about 12.30pm to see if i wanted to go and photograph some heli biking at 2pm! There was only one answer and before i knew it i was up in the chopper and heading towards Mt Burke. The scenery up there is stunning and if you have seen the video of Brook McDonald (by Tim Pierce) you will know the terrain is pretty epic. The ride down was breathtaking and a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. A big thanks to Dan at FreerideNZ for hooking up the trip it was an awesome experience! Here are a few pics from the trip…

Mountain Biker Mt Burke
Helicopter over Lake Wanaka
Mountain biker up Mt Burke
Mountain Biker

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