01.07.13 - Lake Wanaka’s floating tree

A bit of an icon and some may say cliche’ photograph is Wanaka’s lonely Willow tree. Submerged under water for most of it’s life the tree appears to float on the lake creating a unique photographic composition. It’s constantly morphing deciduous qualities and the unpredictable lake levels provide a different image year round. The tree is a magnet for swimmers, children, birds and of course photographers! The tree has lost a few limbs over the last few years but I for one hope it survives for many more years to come…

Lake Wanaka and surrounding mountains, New Zealand, photography by Jeremy Town
Lake Wanaka dusk
Wanaka Tree and Nor'west Arch photograph
Tree and approaching Nor’west storm
Lake Wanaka tree photograph in fog
Misty morning late Autumn
Lake Wanaka and snow capped mountains Photograph
Moody winter evening
Wanaka Tree photograph on misty morning
My first photo of the tree 2007

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